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UK, Redhill - 14 Nov 2022

Ethnic-African bully brutally attacks smaller White male

The attacker drags the White victim by the neck making him pass out



  • UK, Surrey - Nov 2022: Black Male brutally assaults White male student
  • The attacker appears to drag the victim by his neck causing him to pass out before kicking him
  • Police arrested the attacker for assault and East Surrey College issued a statement


USA - 2019

Brutish Black bully relentlessly pummels white male student in toilet

He uses the victim as a human punch bag and possibly breaks jaw



In this video we see a Black Male Teen beating up a White teen in what looks like a School Toilet. The White Male is cornered and due to the intensity and speed of the strikes has no option but to just attempt to protect his head from what could be a lethal blow. Even though he is clearly not fighting back the African-American continues the brutal beating not once reducing the ferocity of the punches despite getting no resistance. With the bruised subject in a stationary defenceless posture with his side, the attacker pauses and then delivers some hard fast strikes to his unprotected ribcage. The victim then starts lowering his hand and peering round to attempt to make eye contact with the attacker - possibly hoping to appeal to the victor. The Black youth takes advantage of this trusting gesture to deliver a hard blow to the boys jaw.