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USA, Michigan, Genesee - 15 Jun 2020

Macey’s Store Manager Beaten by Black Youth

His brother lied to him then filmed the attack on an innocent white man



  • 15th June 2020 – Macy's Genesee Valley, Michigan, Black teen was filmed brutally attacking a Store Manager.
  • Damire Palmer, 18, sucker punched then brutally beat victim, aged 50.
  • Brother of attacker, Damarquay Palmer, 22 initially said he heard the employee refer to his brother as a 'n*gg*r' whilst in a phone call.
  • Macy’s spokesperson said there was no proof of the allegation by the brothers.
  • Later in court it transpired that the person behind the camera-phone - Damarquay - had lied to his brother.
  • The kind victim decided to spare him felony which has a 10 year jail sentence.