About Us

About Us

We are an International, alternative News and commentary website aimed primarily at people of European ancestry, focusing on ‘Diversity’ related issues such as Black and non-White crime and violence, immigration, racial, ethnic and religious conflict, the Islamisation agenda / colonisation of Europe, anti-Whiteism, racial, ethnic and religious conflict, Miscegenation, race-realism, the dark side of the LGBT agenda, White population replacement and corporate driven globalisation.

The website comprises of a number of different post types, the default being ‘News’ posts, which are factual reports on Diversity related stories. ‘Features’ posts are for original content such as investigative reporting, first person event reports, interviews and book, film and music reviews. ‘Blogs’ posts are for reaction and opinion essays. ‘Video’ posts are for MP4 clips and have optional written articles accompanying the videos. ‘Stories’ are for readers to share their ‘Diversity’ related personal stories and anecdotes from their real lives or people they know.

We seek to awaken Ethnic-Europeans on racial issues by presenting stories and information hidden or unreported in the globalist controlled, biased, corporate media. This website also will be an archive allowing visitors to stay up to date with the endless ‘Diversity’ related stories, and to easily search for old or new stories. This is useful for interested parties, political activists, writers and content creators. The items on the site are fully searchable with a comprehensive Tag system, which includes a search taxonomy, set up purely to make the searching of niche stories easier. See the advanced search page to explore this tag system.

We aspire to be a high quality news, blogging and analysis platform, discussing issues related to multiculturalism often overlooked by Mainstream media reporters. For News stories, we seek to present truthful and accurate reports that include citations and source list below articles, allowing our readers to check the sources themselves. 

This is designed to be a community led website that people can contribute to, allowing stories to be covered worldwide. We have a Link upload form which allows people to upload links to News stories that you think we need to cover. We are looking to recruit reporters to cover Diversity related News Stories in all countries with ethnic-European populations, so do contact us if you are an aspiring reporter. To make this easier there are links to forms for writing News articles and blogs in the site footer.

Legal note

We strive to present information that is accurate and based on reliable testimonies. Key points in the articles have citation links so readers can fact check key points themselves. If this website publishes anything here or on social media platforms that is later showed to be false and incorrect due to new information, we ask for interested parties to let us know in the comments section and we will endeavour to delete this from the website as soon as is possible. 

This website unapologetically displays races and ethnic groups of attackers and victims, to readdress Mainstream media bias. However, this information is presented to educate and inform readers and is not intended to legitimise, condone or incite hatred or violence to any persons, based on religion, race, ethnic group or identity. We reject any unlawful activities or physical violence.