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UK, Hull - 25 Nov 2021

White English girl pimped and raped by 150 Muslim men in Hull

Police Muslim Rape Gang Operation complete failure with zero prosecutions



  • Muslim gangs in Hull targetted young White teen and primary school girls for rape
  • One was raped by around 150 Muslim men over a 3 year period
  • Police investigation failed due to lack of evidence allowing gangs to continue
  • Brutal violence and threats of murder used to control girls
  • The young White girls were trafficked around UK for Muslim rape parties



Monstrous Black pair jailed for beating White toddler to death

‘Worst Cooks’ TV show winner, hit 3 year old with paddles and belts

Monstrous Black pair jailed for beating White toddler to death
USA, South Carolina - 14 Jan 2021
Ariel was sentenced to life in prison and Austin Robinson 20 years


  • USA, South Carolina - January 14 2021: 3 year old Victoria Rose Smith found unresponsive at Robinson foster home after hour long beating by Ariel Robinson
  • Negligent adoptive father, Jerry, said wife would get angry over child’s eating habits and hit her with wooden paddles or belts
  • Smith was pronounced dead at Hospital from blunt-force trauma, resulting in the pair being arrested for homicide
  • Photos on Robinson’s social media revealed bruises on the children’s head, necks and arms, especially Victoria
  • In 2022 Ariel was given a life sentence for murdering her 3-year-old foster daughter and Jerry Austin was jailed for 20 years for aiding and abetting the killing of the White infant