USA, California, Palo-Alto - 4 December, 2022

Black Friday Shop-lifting by Black Male Gang in Apple Store

This is the incredible moment employees at an Apple store in the heart of California’s iconic Silicon Valley allow a pair of thieves to brazenly ransack the store, and even tell employees not to interfere.

The startling footage was filmed at the Apple store in Palo Alto on Black Friday and showed the masked thieves storming about the store and ripping iPhones, iPads, and laptops from their displays.

As the ransacking played out startled customers asked employees if they should do anything to stop it, but the employees told them not to intervene, and even guided some customers out of the way.

The thieves made off with about $35,000 worth of merchandise, according to the New York Post.

Though the thieves appeared to be unarmed, at some point during the raid one of them allegedly threatened a customer with violence, which elevated their crime from burglary shoplifting to robbery.

Two thieves could be seen in the video lurching around the Apple store, haphazardly tearing devices from the display tables, ripping them loose from their security cables, and stuffing them into bags.

The same store was robbed twice in a single 24-hour period in 2018, with thieves grabbing more than $100,000 in goods, according to the Post. 

And in 2016, criminals drove a car through the front window of the store and took off with thousands  of dollars in products. 

Similar heists have skyrocketed in California since the pandemic started, according to Monterey Police Lt. Jake Pinkas.

Pinkas told Monterey County Now that authorities began identifying the crimes as a recurring issue in about the fall of 2021. 

‘You started to see the more brazen [robberies], where they’re bringing tools in to take phones or laptops or break through glass,’ Pinkas said. ‘That definitely seems to have started after the pandemic year 2020, and went further into 2021.’

He said as recently as October, another Apple store was brazenly robbed of about $40,000 in merchandise.  

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