USA - 2023

“Bitched ass N*gger!” Black male brutally beats and abuse man on bus

A mixed-race girl also took part in the beating watched by many passengers

In this shocking violence and abusive attack the muscular Black male who appears to be in his 20s torments a helpless man lying in a protective ball in the aisle of the bus surrounded by passengers who apart from a solitary Chinese woman and the person filming do nothing to intervene. The man is accompanied in the beating by an overweight mixed race girl, possibly his daughter who also kicked and jumped on the victim. During the shocking beating we see the Black male using bus handles to hold on to while putting his full weight into multiple kicks and punches in the minute long clip. He ends with dragging and punching the victim only to be stopped when the Chinese woman draws his attention to the person filming – who manages to capture the thug’s face. 


Black male kicks victim 7 times very hard whilst the girl does the same and then punches the victim.

Black male: Bitched ass N*gger. Fucking. Bitched ass N*gger. What out mamma.

He gestured for girl to stand back and leans over victim.

BM: What’s up cuz?

The girl stamps the ground but is too heavy to jump on victim’s head.

BM: Jump on the N*igger’s head.

She attempts to jump on victim again catching his shoulder.

Chinese lady: Monster!

BM: Shut up cuz, prick. What’s up N*gger. Shoot me! 

CL: Stop! Stop! Jesus! Stop!

BM: Shut up bitch! You ain’t so big bro now, are you? Bitched ass n*gger! Sup dog? Sup  bitch? You know where I’m from?

CL: Stop he’s recording!!

Blck attacker stops and turns to look at camera.

The incident rumoured to have taken place on a bus in Los Angeles. Bus announcements are heard in the background but are hard to decipher. The video was shared on @streetpeopleLA Twitter account.

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South African nurses chant “Kill the Whites”

After 333 attacks and 50 murders on South African farms in 2022



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USA, Miami - 1 Feb 2023

Black teen pummels 9 year old White girl in Miami school bus beating

A 14 year old was arrested by police following the attack



  • USA, Miami, Homestead - 2023-02-02: On a school bus to Coconut Palm K-8 Academy a Black male bully viciously beats a small light skinned 9 year old girl
  • She was punched in the head, face and neck whilst huddling in a ball attempting to protect herself
  • Her 10 year old brother was also beaten on the bus
  • The girl’s mother and expressed her horror at the beating by the Black male
  • A 14-year-old was arrested by Miami-Dade Police