UK, Liverpool - 7 February, 2023

Sex Pest migrant propositions Liverpool school girl

The resulting viral video led to an explosive protest

On February 7th 2023, a school girl was propositioned by a 25 year old sex-pest asylum seeker on her way home from school at 4.40pm on Cherryfield Drive in Kirkby, Merseyside.

The creepy sexual predator was not dissuaded when the girl told him she was only 15 and replied enthusiastically ‘OK. Good.’ After explaining that it was illegal for adults to be in a relationship with a child the migrant continued his pursuit repeatedly demanding the child’s phone number. 

Transcript of video

School girl: How old are you?

Migrant: 25.

School girl: I’m only 15.

Migrant: OK. Good.

School girl: No. That’s not good.

Migrant: I want… I want your phone (number).

School girl: No I’m sorry. You don’t do this in this country. It’s. You go to jail. If you do this.

Migrant: It is… I want (incoherent)…

School girl: No. No you’re all right.

Migrant: How old are you?

School girl: I’m 15.

Migrant: I will.. (incoherent)…

School girl: No. No, that’s weird.


This video was uploaded to social media where it went viral locally and later worldwide, giving an insight into the predatory activities of increasing numbers of migrants in the UK and Europe as a whole[1]

The girl’s mother, who works locally, gave a brief interview to the Liverpool Echo. Clearly distraught about her child, the mother-of-two told the paper: ‘She is in her final year of school and is doing GCSEs this year. ‘She came home afterwards and had panic attacks. It really impacted her. No child should have to go through this.’

The migrant in question, said to be an Egyptian, was one of 200 young men from predominantly North African counties housed at local 4-star ‘The Suites Hotel’. He was known in the area amongst both locals and other asylum seekers as being a sex pest and hustler, often buying and selling things around the local shopping centre. The age of consent in Egypt is 18 and sex with minors is considered statuary rape there. 

This wasn’t the first time a local girl had been sexually harassed by the migrants at ‘The Suites’. Since they had been moved into the hotel in 2022, locals described how the asylum seekers had been making a nuisance of themselves, chasing girls, hanging around in parks and generally abusing British hospitality[2].

After the video was released locals organised a protest outside The Suites the following Friday 10th Feb which descended into chaos when masked trouble-makers, from outside Kirkby, set fire to an abandoned police van.

The migrant sex-pest was moved to another hotel in the North West free to continue harassing British school girls.

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  • 2022 - UK, Kirkby: 200 male migrants using asylum system as route to British citizenship housed in 'The Suites' hotel leading to local staff being sacked, events cancelled and reports of local girls being harassed
  • 7th Feb 2023: Schoolgirl films herself being propositioned by paedophile migrant leading to locals organising peaceful protest at hotel 
  • 10th Feb 2023: Kirkby protest overrun by far-left, violent Antifa groups
  • Police abandon an unlocked 2015 reg van outside hotel leading to youths ransacking and setting it on fire, without police intervention
  • The Guardian’s Diane Taylor breaks the story with a suspiciously pre-prepared article incorrectly blaming 200 Patriotic Alternative protestors for violence leading to other journalists and politicians pushing false narrative
  • Her article curiously quotes Tweet from Merseyside police commissioner Emily Spurrell 17 minutes before it is published
  • 20th Feb 2023: In a parliamentary debate Kirkby MP George Howarth calls for Patriotic Alternative to be proscribed as terrorists and de-platformed from social media, resulting in Twitter bans days later
  • Was the Kirkby protest hijacked by an anti-White conspiracy to silence and criminalise pro-White groups?


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