The Knowsley Protest Conspiracy
UK, Liverpool - 10 Feb 2023
Sex-pest migrant, Suites protest, Elon Musk, James Costello, Guardian’s Diane Taylor, Care4Calais's Clare Moseley, Labour’s Emily Spurrell and Sir George Howarth MP

The Knowsley Protest Conspiracy

Did anti-White journalists and politicians secretly collude to silence White activists?

In February 2023 a protest outside migrant hotel ‘The Suites’ near Liverpool, organised in response to local girls being sexually harassed by asylum seekers, descended into chaos with an abandoned police van torched by masked trouble-makers in Antifa ‘Black blok’ style clothing, while police looked on.

Patriotic Alternative, a pro-White activist organisation, was immediately framed for the Kirkby arson by anti-White journalists and activists, leading to calls in parliament for them to be removed from social media. Days after they were suddenly de-platformed from Twitter.

We take a closer look at the curious events surrounding the Kirkby protest and examine the many questions arising from this story.

Elon Musk’s role in the Kirkby saga

After purchasing Twitter in October 2022 to champion free speech[1] , Elon Musk reinstated many Twitter accounts unfairly closed, including @realDonaldTrump. In December these included Patriotic Alternative (PA)[2] and pro-White political party Britain First[3]. In January 2023 PA quickly gained 10,000 followers[4] to the horror of anti-White activists. For awakened Whites this was a welcome and refreshing start to 2023. However it was unfortunately not to last.

The Suites – becomes a migrant occupied hotel

After securing a 10 year, £4 billion contract with the UK government to organise asylum seeker housing[5], in 2022, Serco started a contract with a hotel in the Liverpool area of the UK, where there is now a number of similar Serco migrant-hotels.

The Suites’ Hotel is in Kirkby, which is an ethnically homogenous, tight-knit neighbourhood with a 98% White population with many families of Irish ancestry. Formerly fondly regarded amongst locals as a venue for weddings, birthdays and spa visits, when Serco took over old staff were sacked[20] and locals venturing in chased off by security guards.

After 200 asylum claimants took over the hotel, local girls and women found themselves being harassed by the foreigners who stood out with dark North African features and poor English.

On January 23rd 2023, Britain First made a short film outside the Suites, after being made to leave the compound by a Muslim security guard[6]. The video showed male migrants coming and going with a group of three admitting to being from Afghanistan when asked. They also commented on the many bikes provided by migrant charities, propped up outside the hotel.

On February 4th members of Patriotic Alternative made a short film outside the hotel presented by Kirkby resident Rev James Costello[7]. In the freezing weather they had been feeding homeless Brits in Liverpool and pointed out that our homeless receive no free accommodation, food or dental and medical help unlike asylum claimants. They also distributed 200 leaflets about migrants being housed in hotels while homeless Brits freeze on the streets[8].

Pervy migrant propositions school girl

On Tuesday 7th February a local 15 year old school girl on her way home from school on Cherryfield Drive in Kirkby, filmed a 25 year old sex-pest migrant propositioning her[9]. When she told him she wasn’t interested and was below the legal age of consent, he replied “OK. Good”, and repeatedly asked for her phone number[10].

The migrant was found to be living in ‘The Suites’ hotel, where Iranian residents revealed him to be Egyptian, where the age of consent is 18. In many North African Muslim countries such as neighbouring Libya, sex outside of marriage is illegal, meaning that even by his own country’s standards, what he was attempting to do – have sex with a minor – was criminal.

The video was shared on social media where it went viral causing outrage amongst locals, concerned for the safety of the local girls. The girl’s distraught mother spoke to the Liverpool Echo[11].

‘She’s in her final year of school and is doing her GCSEs this year. She came home and had panic attacks.
It’s really impacted her and she shouldn’t have to go through this, no child should have to go through this.’

Suites protest organised

Days later a flyer circulated online calling for a protest outside ‘The Suites’ for the following Friday. It was entitled ‘This is our city – protest’ and had a paragraph calling for non-violent protest against the migrants occupying the hotel.

“We protest against the people staying in the hotel and the effect it’s causing on the city. No Violence.”

It was credited to @thatscousekid and @aroundliverpool with no mention of any organisation behind the event[12].

News of the forthcoming protest quickly spread to militant anti-White and pro-migrant activists including, Merseyside Anti-Fascist Network, Liverpool Solidarity Federation, Football Lads & Lasses Against Fascism, Sanctuary City Alliance, Communist Party Merseyside Branch, Care4Calais and Liverpool Stand Up to Racism.

Many of these activists have histories of protest violence and were quick to brand the concerned locals as ‘far-right’, ‘fascist’ and ‘racist’ and made inflammatory posts on social media rallying their troops. Merseyside Anti-Fascist Network posted on their Facebook account which was also shared by Liverpool Solidarity Federation.

“Alerta, Alerta! Anti-Fascists Callout. Far-right activists are planning a demonstration outside the Suites Hotel on Friday 10th Feb. We oppose their attempts to intimidate refugees and asylum seekers. Liverpool is a proud antifascist city, the right will never divide us.”

Communist Party Merseyside Branch posted on their Facebook account

“Don’t let the far-right intimidate members of our community and divide the working class. Show these fascists that it is them who are unwelcome here”, “Drown Fascism in a sea of resistance!”

CareCalais Tweeted on the 9th Feb[14]:

“URGENT !! Join us, @LiverpoolSutr (Liverpool Stand Up To Racism) & others to oppose the far-right plan to intimidate refugees staying at the Suites Hotel in Knowsley L34 9HA tomorrow evening. Stand in unity against racist division and scapegoating. Say it loud and say it clear: Refugees are welcome here!”

Peaceful protest – hijacked by Antifa?

Protestors gathered to protest peacefully at 6.30pm outside the 4 star hotel on Ribbers Lane, on Friday 10 February. According to locals who spoke to the Daily Mail, they were predominantly mothers, fathers and grandparents worried for their girls safety[15][19]. Most of the protestors were in a group North or the entrance on Ribblers Lane and spilling out on to Moorgate Road South and East Lancashire dual carriage ways standing on traffic islands and crossing points. Pro-migrant elements formed a separate group south of the Suites entrance on Ribblers Lane behind a police line[38]. Merseyside Anti-Fascist Network later admitted their group was armed with makeshift weapons[16]. Amongst their group was Clare Moseley, disgraced Care4Calais founder who cheated on her husband with a fake Tunisian refugee, who also conned her out of money then set fire to a building when she tried to end the relationship[17][75]. A good example of the calibre of people she seeks to enter her and our borders. Moseley Tweeted reports and videos of the evenings events first from South of Ribblers Lane[22] and then being allowed to cross police lines into The Suites carpark protected by police[23].

Just outside the guarded hotel compound, Merseyside police made the strange decision to abandon an old 2015 reg unlocked police van[65][78], full of riot gear, meters from the entrance and where the defensive police lines had been established. Rather than one of the many officers present moving the expensive van to safety of the protected hotel compound, they stood silently watching it being overrun by the crowds[19][24].

The protest only started to turn violent at 8pm when at between 400-2,500 were present[21], with trouble makers many in ‘Black blok’ clothing with face coverings to hide their identities. One youth climbed on top of the unattended police van waving a banner reading “Let’s shout, get them out”[25][26]. Seeing these rowdy trouble makers causing bother, the more peaceful local protestors moved away and in some videos can be heard accusing them of being Antifa in disguise.

With the van left unlocked it wasn’t long before inquisitive teenagers were inside and were filmed laughing as they tried on the police helmets[75]. However around 8.30pm masked violent trouble-makers, ransacked the van and set it on fire without any intervention from nearby police. A video of this taking place reveals one of the arsonists whistling to a member of his group as a signal for something[27][28]. The group appear to be sober, organised and enacting a pre-arranged plan. They then threw fireworks at Police officers[29]. Antifa activist Michelle Smith of Sheppard Avenue, Knowsley, described as a ‘sister’ by Merseyside Anti-Fascist Network[30] was filmed attacking a 70 year old woman at the protest[31]. She was jailed for a year in 2016 after throwing rocks at protestors at a Dover anti-migrant protest[32]. 15 individuals were later arrested including suspected Antifa activist Jared Skeete, 19, of Irwell Close, Aigburth, charged for beating an emergency services worker during the protest[33].

These events were commented on by PA activist Rev James Costello, who attended as a peaceful observer and, standing well away from the violent Black Bloc crowd, on a traffic island on East Lancs road, made a short video describing events[35]. He questioned the strange decision of police to leave their van unattended in the middle of the protest.

When a group of Antifa Black Blok agitators recognised James, one with a northern Irish accent, they attempted to attack him. He managed to escape in a friend’s car but driving away the Antifa thugs ripped off the door handle leading to James having to hold the door shut and hundreds of pounds of damage to his friend’s car[66].

Yorkshire Rose, a citizen journalist, didn’t attend the protest herself but uploaded footage taken by associates at the scene to Twitter and Youtube to document the event[36] [37].


Immediately following the vehicle arson, anti-White media activists were quick to blame the violence on Patriotic Alternative supporters in incriminating hit piece articles.

At 22:20 GMT, 10th February news of the protest broke with an article entitled ‘Far-right protesters clash with police at Liverpool hotel housing asylum seekers’ was published on the Guardian website authored by pro-migrant journalist Diane Taylor. In her original article (archived here) she opened by boldly stating that several hundred Patriotic Alternative activists were at the Kirkby protest leading to disturbances breaking out. She also stated eyewitnesses at the Suites saw far-right supporters set the police van on fire[39].

“Disturbances have broken out in the Knowsley area of Liverpool after several hundred demonstrators from the far-right group Patriotic Alternative protested against asylum seekers who have been housed in a local hotel by the Home Office.

Eyewitnesses at the Suites hotel said far-right supporters set a police van and its equipment on fire.”

Interestingly she included a quote from Clare Moseley which wasn’t published on the Care4Calais website until 23:43[40][41][77]. Even more suspicious was her quoting verbatim a Tweet from Merseyside Police commissioner and Labour activist Emily Spurrell, 17 minutes before it was Tweeted at 22:37[42][43].

“Deeply shocking and concerning scenes of violence in Knowsley this evening. Utterly unacceptable behaviour, putting officers & public in danger. I am monitoring the situation closely. There is absolutely no excuses for this.”[Tweeted at 22:37][42].

Spurrell is on record for unfairly attacking officers in her own police force for being racist. In May 2022 during an interview with reporter Danny Shaw she stated that majority White Merseyside Police was institutionally racist causing much anger and disagreement from police officers including Chief Constable Serena Kennedy[44].

After complaints on social media and threats from PA to report The Guardian to IPSO, the incriminating article was amended at 23:49 Friday removing the unfounded claims that hundreds of PA activists had attended causing disruption at the protest[47].

Merseyside Anti-Fascist Network issued a Facebook damage limitation post the same day trying to quell rumours that the violent masked arsonists at Kirkby were Antifa activists, despite admitting in the same post that their group were armed with makeshift weapons. As well as labelling all the protestors as racists, they stated that a ‘far-right’ organisation was behind the violence, without providing evidence or naming the organisation[16][45].

“Antifascists walked down to the hotel to counter a demonstration that was organised by a far-right organisation using the ‘save our children’ slogan to mask what was racist intent. Counter-protestors were met by Yorkshire fascists and a small scuffle broke out, with them filming and antagonising.

…police clashes forced counter demonstrators into The Knowsley Inn car park opposite the hotel, where we built barricades with skips and fencing and armed ourselves with makeshift weapons ready to defend ourselves…”

The same day professional anti-White bloggers ‘Hope Not Hate’ wrote an authoritative article admitting neither PA or Britain First had been behind the riotous protest instead just accusing them of stirring up tensions[46].

“Although the protest does not appear to have been driven by organised far right groups, they had been active in stirring up tensions. Far-right groups like Britain First (BF) and Patriotic Alternative (PA) had made visits to the hotel in recent weeks, although the protest appears to have been largely locally-driven, rather than organised by far-right groups outside the area.”

On the 14th Feb ‘Together with refugees’ made a website post signed by many organisations and businesses involved in the migrant importation trade including Care4Calais. Similar to other anti-White activists they pushed the narrative that migrants must be welcomed openly and anyone disagreeing was basically a violent racist who should be shamed by pro-migrant Brits. They also sneakily attempted to hint of potential terror attacks from pro-White activists, without any supporting evidence[48].

“With the high risk of more premeditated extremist attacks around the country, leaders of all parties must now take a clear stand and condemn any further violence against those who come here to find safety”.

After the follow up protest on Sat 11th, Merseyside police issued a dispersal order running until 12:30pm Wednesday 15 February, permitting police to approach anyone suspected of committing further disorder at the Suites hotel[49]. At 9pm that day, after the dispersal order had ended, Rev James Costello received a mysterious home visit from two rogue male officers, apparently from Merseyside Police. They announced they had popped by to make sure he was at home. When he asked what this was regarding, without mentioning the earlier dispersal order they informed him he had been placed on a 7pm-7am curfew[50]. When he asked to see official documentation, they replied it should have arrived in the post. When he said he had received no such post and asked could they explain what this was about, they alluded to something he had done at ‘The Suites’ but refused to specify what. James’s family members observing the whole interaction told the officers that further harassment would not be welcome, resulting in the officers making a sheepish retreat to their police car. Enquiring about the visit days later at his local police station, officers admitted to James that they had heard about the curfew visit whilst monitoring his social media posts, but since no curfew had been ordered had launched an investigation to identify the officers. At the beginning of March they called to confirm no information regarding the officer’s identities had been found or records of anyone being dispatched to his home. Without photographic evidence to identify the officers the case was dropped due to lack of resources for a more thorough investigation.

On Saturday Feb 18th pro-migrant activist groups held “We will not let the far-Right divide us”, a large demonstration in Liverpool opposing the anti-migrant protests, attended by pro-migrant activists such as Jeremy Corbyn. He Tweeted[51]

“After the horrific events in Knowsley, thousands of anti-racist campaigners have mobilised in Liverpool to stand up for refugees. We will not let the far-right divide us. We are a mass movement, united in our belief in a more compassionate, caring and peaceful world.”

Despite Corbyn’s naive belief that his activists were ‘caring and peaceful’, large numbers of aggressive anti-White attendees protected by police screamed the menacing slogan “If it wasn’t for the coppers you’d be dead” at anti-migrant protestors attending[52].

During the weeks after the protest there were numerous News articles and podcasts published attempting to link pro-White groups to the violence carried out by the Black Blok protestors. This also included a Guardian podcast with Diane Taylor and Hope Not Hate’s Joe Mulhall which focused on inflating the significance of the arson and disorder at Kirkby with Diane Taylor calling for much greater government action against pro-White activists.

“What happened in Knowsley was a sea change, and a wake up call that a lot more needs to be done to stop the far-right and it’s pernicious narratives gaining foothold. This is a water-shed moment and the government needs to take action.” 

They also focused exclusively on the feelings of asylum seekers as supposed to British girls molested by them, with a schoolgirl in Dover accusing Afghan migrant schoolmates of raping her in a school toilet, the same week the Kirkby girl was approached. Joe Mulhall attempted to indirectly blame PA for the violence and incorrectly said PA returned on the Saturday 11th to gloat with a banner[53].

Debate in parliament regarding The Suites protest

On the 20th Feb this narrative of blaming pro-White organisations for the arson at Kirkby culminated with a debate regarding the ‘Knowsley Incident’ in the House of commons chaired by Robert Jenrick, the ambitious millionaire Immigration Minister[54].

In true careerist politician fashion he said all the right things to appeal to both anti-migrant voters and pro-migrant voters, he condemned the violence at Kirkby, ‘shared the frustrations of the British public regarding the abuse of the generous asylum system.’ and that he disagreed strongly with the disgraceful views of the anti-migrants.

Sir George Howarth, Labour MP for Kirkby, pointed out that most local residents attending had behaved lawfully and lamented the shocking behaviour of the trouble makers who had injured three, including an officer and set the police van on fire. That out the way he got to his main point, which was to push blame on Patriotic Alternative, Yorkshire Rose and Britain First for the violence carried out by masked trouble makers and to call for them to be criminalised as terrorist groups and de-platformed from social media. To appease Kirkby voters he also asked for the Immigration Minister to look at other places than hotels for the asylum seekers.

“I do have concerns… about the involvement of far-right groups from outside of Knowsley, such as Patriotic Alternative, Yorkshire Rose and Britain First, in promoting that event and seeking to stir up racial hatred in our community and others.”

“…does he share my concern about the involvement of those far-right groups in such incidents, and will he consider proscribing them?”

“…does the Minister agree with me that in these circumstances, some social media sites are used as platforms for poison and misinformation? Will he urge the companies that own them to ensure that the platforms are used more responsibly?”

Robert Jenrick responded that the behaviour of the groups was vile and should be stamped out, and that they were being watched very closely on social media platforms by the Home Office and Police who were ready to take further action.

“the behaviour of those groups is at times disgraceful and vile, and should be stamped out. We have been monitoring those groups closely, and I have asked my officials at the Home Office and police colleagues, including the National Police Co-ordination Centre, to continue doing so and to step up that activity. If we need to take further action against those groups, we will. We will be monitoring them very closely, including the social media content that they and their supporters are perpetuating.”

“The National Police Co-ordination Centre is assisting us in monitoring the activities of relevant groups, including on social media, and we will take such steps as are required if there is content that constitutes a criminal offence.”

“We are working closely with the social media companies, and in fact are stepping up that activity.”

Other MPs spoke calling for PA and Britain First to be removed from social media including Glasgow’s SNP MP Alison Thewliss and Labour’s Stella Creasy who called for more prosecutions of pro-White activists, accusing them of terrorism and requiring criminal prosecutions.

“This is harassment and terrorism on our doorstep, and it needs to be dealt with properly. What on earth is he doing to prosecute these people?”

Three days after the Commons debate where Robert Jenrick had listened to the calls for PA and Britain First to be removed from social media, activists from both organisations had their accounts removed from Twitter in a mass banning with no explanation from Twitter[55][56]. A ban on sharing links to PA and Britain First’s websites was also implemented on Musk’s supposed ‘free speech’ Twitter[58]. ‘Yorkshire Rose’, managed to escape the ban keeping her Twitter and You Tube accounts[36][37]. On the same day pro-White groups in America including ‘The National Justice Party‘ and ‘American Renaissance‘ were also de-platformed from Twitter without explanation with links to their website banned[57]

On the 24th Feb Hope Not Hate made a Tweet celebrating their victory with PA accounts being shut. They made no mention of Britain first or Yorkshire Rose[59].

On 13th March 2023 after pressure from supporters at the unfair suspension, Twitter reinstated Britain First’s account[60].

What can we conclude from Kirkby?

Looking at the above series of events it’s hard not conclude that there might have been a conspiracy at play in Kirkby. The police leaving an old 2015 reg van, due to for retirement[65], unlocked[78] and unattended amongst a growing crowd, outside the secure hotel car park where other police vehicles were parked – was  suspicious. The fact that the large number of officers stood watching as protestors – climbed on top, broke in and set fire to an expensive police asset, is also deeply illogical and strange.

With regards to the violence and arson that took place at Kirkby there are many clues pointing to Antifa activists taking a leading role in the violence:

  • They were armed and admitted to being so in a social media post after the event on Facebook.[16]
  • Antifa usually tell protestors to wear face covering [72] and black clothing to disguise identities, and the group that attacked the police van were mainly masked up in black clothing.
  • Many of the Antifa groups present at the protest have histories of violence and one of their activists, Michelle Smith, who attacked a local 70 year old woman at the protest had been jailed for attacking protestors with rocks at a similar protest in Dover[32].
  • The local organisers called for no violence as shown on their flyer – and it was peaceful until the masked trouble makers arrived, driving away locals [12].
  • They used inflammatory rhetoric to dehumanise concerned locals who organised the protest as ‘far right’, ‘fascist’, ‘racist’ – despite there being no evidence of organisers being members of pro-White or ‘far right’ organisations[63][63][63].
  • The masked trouble makers attacked James Costello, causing criminal damage to a car. If they were White or PA activists they would have not attacked a comrade[66].
  • The group who led the ransacking and arson of the police van were organised, came well prepared with the correct equipment to quickly break into the van, set it on fire, and fireworks with which to attack police[27].
  • No pro-White groups were involved with the organisation of the protest and this was admitted by Hope Not Hate[46].
  • At the pro-migrant rally on 18 February in Liverpool, Antifa activists openly threatened to kill locals protesting the Serco migrant hotels shouting “If it wasn’t for the coppers you’d be dead”. This indicates that they are a dangerous and violent group capable of terrorist acts themselves[52].

Looking at these points it seems highly possible that the arsonists were Antifa agents.

Another point is that if we look at actual migrant-hotel protests PA has organised recently at Erskine, Skegness, Cannock and Hull, all have been taken place on Saturday mornings and have been run in consultation with Police. They have been well organised and peaceful with PA activists following a strict code of conduct, forbidding racial slurs, derogatory language, intimidating or threatening behaviour, or any drink or drugs[67][76].

With regards to the Guardian article that immediately framed PA as being present in their hundreds and being responsible for the arson and violence[39]. Diane Taylor and her husband Simon Hattenstone are professional anti-White activists who belong to a powerful protected minority religious group known for pushing anti-White agendas including open borders[68]. She has published hundreds of articles championing open borders and White replacement agendas for years and is clearly obsessed with migrant rights, with little care for the impact on native Brits[69]. Care4Calais’s Clare Moseley has a connection with Taylor in also having written articles for The Guardian[70] and has proven herself to be aligned with anti-White Antifa protestors and is also a prominent supporter of open borders agendas, destructive to White Brits. Police Commissioner Emily Spurrell has shown herself to push anti-White agendas in attacking White officers for being ‘racist’ – a Marxist, anti-White shaming term, designed to make White people ashamed of their group identity[44]. A conspiracy with these women who share similar anti-White views and social circles is highly plausible.

With the article being posted on The Guardian website at 22:20, including the Twitter quote from Spurrell, 17 minutes before it was Tweeted[43], and also quoting a Care4Calais’s Website quote an hour before it was posted[41], is deeply suspicious, especially as she had several actual quotes from Care4Calais’s Twitter feed, so the website quote was not really needed. There seems only two explanations: 1) Taylor communicated privately with Spurrell and Moseley, getting the content of the Tweet and Website posts before they were posted. 2) Most of the article, the Care4Calais’s post and Spurrell’s Tweet were written in advance with all parties knowing about a plan to engineer the later violence. They would then publish the pre-written articles and Tweets at agreed times. Care4Calais’s post was edited to include mention of the van fire missing in the original draft that Taylor posted. Taylor also quoted Labour MP Sir George Howarth’s website post[71], which may have also been pre-written, but without a website timestamp is impossible to check.

The fact that Taylor and Moseley were so quick to frame pro-White activists for the arson and to then continue pushing the false narrative in the subsequent articles and a podcast[53], inflating the importance of the 200 anti-homeless leaflets posted and the PA and BF videos, when there was more evidence that it was actually far-left Antifa agitators responsible, suggests a conspiracy to frame PA from the outset and steer the public away from blaming Antifa.

If this hypothesis was correct an order to abandon the unlocked 2015 reg police van and to stand back while it was attacked from Emily Spurrell would be plausible.

George Howarth and other Labour activists calling for social media banning and proscription on the back of a shaky narrative, may have been what all the preceding events had been engineered to achieve – justification for a Twitter ban and if possible criminal terrorist proscription[72].

Hope Not Hate’s victory Tweet on the 24th is revealing of what was probably the real goal behind these strange events – PA being kicked off Twitter[59]. They were not interested in Britain First or Yorkshire Rose. On the back of this URLs from PA, BF and many other pro-White websites cannot be posted on Twitter, with American pro-Whites such as National Justice Party also having simultaneous Twitter bans and URL blocks[58]. Britain First getting their Twitter account back on 13th March and Yorkshire Rose being unaffected is another clue that PA were the real targets all along[60].

The curious incident of Merseyside Police harassing Rev James Costello in an unsanctioned visit, in response to him calling out their strange decision to abandon the police van, could be evidence that his video had ruffled the feathers of conspirators and possibly that the officers had been instructed to scare him off. Alternatively it suggests corruption and anti-White bias. Neither reflect well on Merseyside Police considering it is a predominantly White city – one of the last in England.

All these elements point to a group of anti-Whites in Antifa, media, politics and possibly even police and government working together to secretly engineer violence, create outcry and frame pro-White groups as being responsible. This would give top brass in the UK gov plausible cover for demanding Musk abandon his commitment to free-speech and to silence Patriotic Alternative for something they didn’t do.

Whatever the truth of the Kirkby arson and resulting Twitter bans, it seems increasingly clear that anti-Whites in powerful positions are unafraid to abuse their power and the law to silence those who talk out on behalf of White people. Twitter bans for PA and similar groups will be followed by attacks on other social media platforms such as Telegram. Ultimately they will look to find ways to misuse terror legislation to treacherously criminalise and imprison White activists as recently happened when a PA activist was imprisoned on trumped up terror charges for merely sharing a link[70]. Whites who are supporting and taking part in these attacks should wake up. Once White activists are jailed they will be next in line. White Trump supporters who disavowed pro-White groups found themselves imprisoned for years as terrorists for taking part in a tour of the United States Capitol Building[71]. Now silenced once more on Twitter’s online public square, brave activists in PA and similar groups will have no choice but to find new ingenious ways to protest louder and leaflet harder to wake up their folk to the agendas at play.

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