Blacks Don’t Tip

I had a black friend back in the early 1980s. He started a food truck business selling burgers. For a while, he did okay. Then his black friends found out about it and started arriving every day, crowding round his van, begging for free food. He couldn’t make any money after that and had to close down. Black people are often black people’s own worst enemy.

As someone who has managed restaurants for five years now. It’s a conservative estimate to say that nine out of every ten customers who cause drama, try to get free food, and/or try to get someone fired, are black women. I’ve had black ladies come in saying they bought food on a day I was there the whole time, didn’t get the food somehow, don’t have a receipt, and demand I give them money. Then they call me “racist” when I tell them I have no record of any purchase they made. I live in a small town in the Midwest. It’s hard to imagine what store owners go through in large, more “diverse,” cities.

I have known food servers who quit their jobs because of the constant flow of blacks who came in, ordered, then became perfectionists about their orders in order to get free food, and then didn’t tip after making the waiter serve them like royalty for over an hour. I used to be a delivery guy for Pizza Hut. I never once got a tip from a black person. Even if I owed them as little as 30 cents in change, they’d stand there and wait for it. My poor sister is a food server down South and she can’t stand waiting on blacks. They are rude, demanding, loud, obnoxious, and cheap. She even witnessed two black females get into a physical fight over a menu. My sister is applying for a job at an upscale restaurant because not too many blacks go there.

The truth is most restaurateurs hate to see blacks come in. I don’t know why blacks act the way they do and expect preferential treatment. I’ve seen groups of blacks order hundreds of dollars worth of food and drinks, run the wait staff ragged, complain about this or demand that — and then dispute the bill asking for the manager. Then they walk out without leaving a tip. It happens very often. These are not isolated incidents by any means. Restaurants should add the tip to the bill automatically.

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