Mugged by Black Males and threatened with a stabbing in Brighton

In the early 2000s I was living in Brighton and walking home in the early hours one summer night walking through the South Laines down a pedestrianised Street in the City centre.

As I walked I heard footsteps approaching behind me but didn’t look round thinking it wasn’t anything to worry about. All of a sudden I heard a voice saying “Have you got the time Bro?” I looked round to see 2 Black males with Bandanas over their noses and mouths, so I could just see their eyes and the tops of their heads. For a minute I thought it was fancy dress, then I realised it not an act. I instinctively turned and ran and seeing they were quickly gaining and snatching at my jacket to pull me over I ducked down into a protective lowered position and stopped turning to them. “Give us your money. We’re stuck here and need money to get back up to Croydon on the train.” I grabbed my wallet and offered them a £5 and said “Take this, it’s all I have.” One snatched it out of my hand. “And your phone.”
“I need my phone. It’s a cheap third hand phone, it has little value”.
“Give us your phone or we’ll stab you.”
I was exasperated and shocked but attempted to reason with them.
“You would risk life in jail for a £30 pound phone, are you insane? The phone has contacts saved on it that I need to keep.”
“OK you can keep the SIM then, just give us the phone.”
At this point I heard and saw out the corner of my eye, a White couple, walking up the street. As I went to get the phone out my pocket I instead grabbed my keys, which had a tin whistle on them, which I bought after another mugging in London. I brought them out of my pocket to my mouth and blew as hard as I could on the Whistle. The Muggers vanished like lightening up the street.

I was pretty shaken up by this at the time and reported it to the police, but there was no follow up. The police did say I had done the right thing in staying in lighted area and making a noise.

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