‘Blacks Are the Most Racist People on the Planet’

I went to a majority black school in the 1990s. It was bad back then, but it’s probably worse now since anti-whiteness has become even more socially acceptable. I was constantly teased, jumped, and bullied by blacks for being white. There was also a white teacher who got harassed and beaten, too. One day, her car was keyed and broken into while parked at the school. She went to the principal and then the school board and they said that she had to just accept it. They claimed it was the black kid’s culture and it was her fault for not understanding them. She sued and won half a million dollars. More people should do what she did. Blacks are the most racist people on the planet.

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What a Japanese Teacher Learned at an American School

"Black males think they are entitled to all women"

I tried teaching American black children for three years. I am Japanese and was used to Japanese schools — the only American school I had ever been to before my teaching career was a university. For three years, I tried to make it work at my loathsome ghetto school. The last straw was when a black “fellow” teacher tried to rape me.


The Attack on My Daughter

"One of them dragged my daughter by her hair while the others punched and kicked her"

My oldest daughter and her five friends (every single one of them student athletes from good families) were staying at a condo in Seaside Park and went to the boardwalk for fried Oreos at 10:30 PM at night. They were maliciously and brutally attacked by a pack of vicious blacks. One of them dragged my daughter by her hair while the others punched and kicked her. Her friends, outnumbered and “out streeted” got much the same. All of them had their phones stolen. When the attackers were caught, we learned that all of them had criminal pasts and prior records.